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Gym Ajman presenting a virtual reality experience and welcomes United Arab Emirates athlet


With its interactive sessions and digital display, the I-Gym in Ajman has successfully established itself as a sports icon on the city and social levels.

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The experience of the digital screen and The Trip by Les milles program in IGYM Body Fitness offers an experience that combines cycling exercises with a journey through digitally generated worlds, with a cinema screen 2.5 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and an LG sound system that takes you to a journey in the world of imagination, and embodiment A realistic fantasy world that is repeated daily with different and unique programs.

“The UAE continues to cement its reputation as a global destination for creative energies and the city of the future”, according to Captain Ahmed Naasan, founder of IGYM Ajman , who won bodybuilding medals in Syria three times. “The primary motivation for signing the LES MILES strategic agreement is to encourage sports and young athletes in the country and the city, and to present sports in its true sense”.

I-Gym Body Fitness offers training programs suitable for all physical levels and all segments of society. Additionally, professional trainers are capable to manage nutrition and training programs according to the participants’ goals. moreover, they are well trained to prepare each member emotionally to provide the highest level of comfort. As a result, I-Gym Body Fitness in Ajman is considered the largest gym in the Northern Emirates. The men’s club was opened in 2009 and the women’s club in 2010 as part of the plans for growth and development of sports to provide privacy and a team of female trainers of all nationalities who can provide sports advice.





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